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Discover and unfold your optimal collective intelligence, in bliss and harmony, regardless of the nature of your organization.


Suspend the Past
Identify your limiting patterns, habits and practices. Individual and collective; internal and external. Transform judgment into curiosity. Let go to Let come.

With self and with others. Harmonize relationships.
People before processes. From control to trust.

Evolution of Capabilities

¿What mastery, personal and collective, must I develop to fulfill the Dream?

How do I support myself and others in the creation of these new habits?

How do I develop plasticity for evolution?

Learn from the Future

Create /Connect with your purpose, Logos and Myth of your organization. Increase the visibility and presence of your Dream. Allow your Desired Future to inform your Present.

Play Based Evolution

Lubricate your social field. Enjoy and have fun with your collaborators. Abandon your roles for a while.

Process Information / Communicate

Wisdom and efficiency in your conversations. Create space for the emergent. Infrastructure to look at each other and at everything. Listen and talk to generate. Facilitate Positive Feedback Loops. Make sense of your processes.

Governance / Decision Making

Promotes participatory leadership, critical thinking and individual proactivity. Consent-based decisions. Coherence by agreement.


Collective Intelligence Sprints

5-8 sessions to jumpstart your awareness, well-being and organizational effectiveness.

Continuous Accompaniment

Constant presence for an agreed upon period of time.


We create a cocoon away from your conventional reality, for the metamorphosis of your organization.

Individual Mentoring





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