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Discover Truth,
Transcend Suffering

"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists"


Rubén Darío serves by facilitating ("making easy"), playing and creating spaces and infrastructure for joy, coherence, freedom and Love. He offers his work as a Gift. This means that to access any of his offerings no obligation to pay exists. It also means that his livelihood, and his vital joy, depends on the generosity of all people, and the non-human.


You can make a recurring or one-time financial donation (crypto or fiat) to support my life and work. To do so click here:

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Rubén is intelligent, a good person, he knows how to speak, he likes to listen to others and he hardly wears shoes...

Renzo Jimenez

agile practitioner

Eight years

Ruben´s accompaniment is loving, respectful and colorful. I have felt safe and free to reflect on different issues in my life, his presence feels genuine and honest.

If you are on the path of deschooling and are looking for a space where this is taken into account, do not hesitate to look for Rubén💕

Teresa Pimentel

Facilitator in Karuna. Agile, self-directed learning community

Ruben inspired me and inspires me. Thanks to his example of life, I realized that there were options to live differently and aligned with my being. He is a person who always tries to be very consistent with what he says and does. He walks the talk. He does not seek to be perfect or puritanical although sometimes people try to pigeonhole him in this mold. Being in evolution does not mean being perfect, it means that you are constantly questioning, reflecting, exploring and experimenting. He was always very respectful to me and never gave his opinion or intervened without me asking for his intervention or opinion. I always felt and still feel listened to when I talk to him. As for his knowledge, learning, experiences and knowledge about children, human beings, society and agile learning centers, he has a lot to share and contribute to whoever wants to learn from him. Know the what, the why and the what for of the philosophy of self-directed, free and playful learning. It helped me grow as a co-founder and facilitator and make necessary transformations in myself to achieve my goals. I felt peace in his company.

Sophie Borbolla

I was a co-founder, facilitator and member of the ALC Mauna Kea in SLP

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