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This section aims at those who prioritize Truth and Freedom, whatever that means, not at those who would like to prioritize them.


I understand deschooling (although the term starts losing precision) as the process through which we discover ourselves free: free from, free to, free with.


Becoming a lifelong self-directed learner, and facilitating this process for others, implies getting closer to understanding what I mean when I say "I".

Have you come here saying that you want to free yourself from prescriptions but you come looking for new prescriptions? 

Here you will not find what you should be or do, but perhaps you will get closer to find your being and doing (or your not being and not doing).

Deschooling and Self-Direction Accompaniment

For students, parents, facilitators, teams and/or communities, we co-design the form and can happen for the amount of time that makes sense for people.




Deschooling Conviviums

Spaces to discover, address and respond to the outdated stories that make our truth and freedom less evident. 

Recommended to make a series of at least 4 continuous conviviums with the same group of people. Duration of the convivium: 2 to 4 hours.


Deschooling Retreats

With the same principles as the Deschooling Conviviums and with the difference that here we increase the intensity and depth of the game.

Those who wish to attend must go through a selection filter based on a questionnaire.



Lifelong Self-Directed Learners Hybrid Course

Online/Offline for those who want to discover themselves as self-directed lifelong learners and facilitate this process for others.



Training for Agile / Self-Directed

Learning Facilitators

Training for people who want to facilitate agile and/or self-directed learning. Suggested duration: 7-30 days.


Agile Immersions

Immersions in and through the Agile Culture for collective learning. They can have a theme or not.



Workshops, keynotes and talks about

Agile and Self-directed Learning an Deschooling

Virtual and phyisical.


Evolutionary Boot Camps

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