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Holding Space For Young Men

As a man who has participated in experiences that caused suffering for me and others, I feel the responsibility (the ability to respond) and the desire to facilitate processes where we can prevent, reduce and/or transcend suffering, our own and others'. Likewise, I have participated in processes where through trust and Love I have received invitations to dis-cover the most beautiful, good and True expressions of my being. I feel the responsibility and the desire to create these spaces for other men.

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These spaces, although they do not have an established form, are based on sincere conversations, in Love and that transform our judgments into curiosities, in order to understand our experience, find our Right Placement and create a path towards a meaningful life and share it with our family, community and the World.

Men who come to these sessions will not find someone who tells them what to do, but a space where they can learn to make the most appropriate decisions according to their intentions, honoring their capacity and responsibility to create and direct their lives.


Do not confuse this space with a therapeutic or coaching space.


This space welcomes men between the ages of 14 and 28.

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